Things to do on Holidays in Tokyo Japan

Tokyo is the capital of the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan and is considered to be one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world. The city is home to millions of residents, including the Japanese imperial family.

The city is also described as one of the three command centres in the world, the other two being New York and London respectively. Tokyo has been named as one of the most expensive for expatriates (foreigners). However, it’s still considered to be among the top ‘liveable’ cities around the globe.


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    Tokyo Tower is one of the most iconic landmarks, not only in Tokyo, but in all of Japan. The site is definitely among the top places to visit in Tokyo, as it promises a breath-taking view of the entire city. Apart from the fascinating view, the Tower also hosts a variety of other places to visit including a wax museum, an aquarium and the Trick Art Gallery.

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    Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden is a massive park located in the district of Shinjuku, covering an area of 58.3 hectares. The site is an ideal destination for those who want to get away from the fast-paced city life. The park is also the ideal destination for a view of the infamous Cherry Blossom trees.

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    Those people who are visiting Tokyo for the purpose of shopping, Shibuya District is on the top of their places-to-go list in Tokyo. It’s one of the most popular and lively shopping areas in whole of Tokyo, filled with almost all kinds of stores and outlets.

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    Tokyo boosts the title for having the world’s biggest fish market, known as the Tsukiji Fish Market. Although, it’s not considered as a tourist spot, yet it’s visited by thousands of foreigners every year. The place has been rated as one of the top ten places to visit while staying in Tokyo. The Tsukiji Fish Market is considered as the ideal destination for people who love sushi and seafood. The market is established on a massive area, and it’s best recommended that tourists should have a tour-guide with them, as they can find themselves lost in the huge crowd.

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    Tokyo National Museum is one of the best museums in Japan, exhibiting a wide range of interesting artifacts and an amazing architecture. The museum is a reflection of the culture, history and traditions of the region, and is a must-see place for those who seek to understand Japan.

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    The Sensoji Temple is one of the most crowded religious place in the country that's bustling with activity. The temple was built to honour a local goddess, who is worshiped by much of the local community.

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    If you have a hobby of collecting unique and antique items then do head to the Antique Mall in the Ginza district of Tokyo. The mall provides a vivid collection of antiques from the Japanese culture, with the price tag being totally worth it.

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    The Shinjuku and Roppongi districts are famous for their clubs and nightlife. These regions are famous among the tourists and locals alike and are a favourite destination for young people.

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    Kidzania is a local theme park located in the district of Koto, and is the perfect destination for the kids to have some fun. If you're traveling with your family, then do take the kids to visit this place, it would be a real treat for them.

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    A trip to Tokyo would be considered incomplete without treating yourself to a fine sushi breakfast. Japanese cuisine is world famous, and what better place to have them than Tokyo itself.

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