How to Travel in Singapore on a Budget

An oasis in Southeast Asia, Singapore is a lot more modern, progressive and efficient as compared to its surrounding countries. Singapore is an ideal place to stop to get refreshed or to see a doctor if you are travelling around Southeast Asia. The country has progressed leaps and bounds over the last four decades and now it is a well organised place with very little poverty and almost no crimes. As Singapore is a lot more advanced than the neighbouring countries, it is naturally more expensive. However, by following the guidelines given below, you can travel around the country without having to spend too much.

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    Shop around for airfare

    The first and most important way to save money is through your airfare. It is highly recommended that you shop around for the airfare over the internet, using websites of different airlines. Most airlines keep coming up with different discount packages, so you should keep visiting different websites to make sure you avail the best possible offers. You can also call the customer service of various airlines to see which one is giving you the best deal for Singapore.

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    Free sightseeing tour

    Many airlines offer a free 2-hour sightseeing of Singapore to its passengers with a minimum of 5-hour layover at Changi Airport. If you are on a low budget, you can choose a tour of a bumboat ride or the island resort of Sentosa. 

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    Buy a tourist pass

    Singapore Tourist Passes are available at airports. You can buy one if you are on a limited budget as it will allow you unlimited use of Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit, which is a brilliant facility. Instead of using the subway trains, which can be quite confusing for the tourists, it is advised that you travel using the Mass Rapid Transit.

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    Search for cheap hotels

    You should use the Singapore Hotels Directory to select the best hotel for yourself, which falls within your budget. The country offers a number of inexpensive but high-quality accommodations. 

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    Eat inexpensive food

    Singapore is quite famous for its food. You will find many outdoor and indoor food stalls and restaurants. Search for quality food in your area which is not too expensive. You can find food of any variety, even if you are not too comfortable with local cuisine. The food in Singapore is expected to be clean and safe as the country has strict health laws.

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