Top 10 Things To Do on Holiday in Benidorm

One of Spain’s most prized tourist places, Benidorm, is located on the eastern edge of the country. The coastal town offers a wide range of activities for the tourists and can entertain all age groups. Those with a tight budget can also enjoy all the attractions of the town to its fullest. Every year, thousands of tourists land in Benidorm to escape from their hectic daily routines. With so many activities the town has in store for the tourists it proves to be a complete package for everyone. You can indulge in the most extreme of activates to the most relaxing ones.


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    Benidorm is one of those rare tourist locations where one has a diverse activates to choose from. Although the place offers plenty of excitement and adventure, there are also the quiet and sunny beaches where one can relax. There are plenty of beaches on the coastal city that offer a clean and safe environment for the tourists.

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    If ever you are taking a nap on the beautiful Benidorm beaches, and hear a roaring sound somewhere along the ocean, then you have most probably witnessed a Jet Ski penetrating the ocean waves and making its way through the sea. Instead of renting a Jet Ski you can register yourself a Jet Ski tour and discover many hidden places along the coastal line.

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    If you fancy sailing on a windy day then you can rent a sail boat and exhibit your skills. Although maneuvering a boat with the help of a sail is strenuous work but for all the sailing fanatics out there, it is an ideal way to spend a sunny afternoon.

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    The mountains of Benidorm are no strangers to paragliding. Beginners can experience the sensation of jumping off a mountain with a glider. Even the mountains are a source of entertainment for the tourists.

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    For those who like to challenge themselves opt for the bike rides that run down the mountains. You have the option to either rent a bike or go with an organized tour.

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    The coastal town is surrounded by beautiful mountains. Individuals who look forward on getting closer to nature usually go for safari jeep rides which take them deeper into the mountains.

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    Music fans have something in the cards for them too. The beautiful Spanish tourist spot organizes small scale music festivals quite often, but there is a major festival held once a year in Benidorm that attracts hundreds of tourists from all across the globe.

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    Theme parks are one of those attractions that are enjoyed by both, the children and adults alike. Theme parks in Benidorm have a variety of water rides and cultural themes.


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    Thrill seekers usually go for the numerous water parks in the area that have a variety of rides. For those who are looking to get their heart beats racing can have the ride of their lives as there are some really dangerous rides that can break any ones composure.

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    The coastal town also has animal parks in its premises that include a variety of animals. Children are in for a treat as they can get close to their favourite animals and experience nature to its fullest.

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