Public & National Holidays in Japan

Japan is a country with multiple holidays. The Public & National Holidays in Japan were formally declared by the Public Holiday Law of 1948. Furthermore, one of the provisions of this law clearly states that if any of these holidays fall on a Sunday (day off); it will be called as “transfer holiday” and the following Monday will be a public holiday. Additionally, any holiday that falls between any of the other national holidays will be called as “citizens’ holiday” and shall also become a public holiday. Majority of the businesses in Japan remained closed during the public and national holidays. However, some museums remain open for few hours and limited transportation is carried out, keeping the general public’s requirements in mind.


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    Holidays in January

    1st – New Year

    It is Japan’s public holiday to welcome the New Year.

    2nd Monday - Coming of Age

    It is celebrated on the second Monday of January every year in order to wish and hearten all those individuals who have just turned the age of maturity (20 years) during the specific year.

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    Holidays in February

    11th - Foundation Day

    It is also known as National Foundation Day. It is celebrated by the Japanese as a day of solidarity in order to nourish a true love for the motherland.

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    Holidays in March

    Around 20th - Vernal Equinox Day

    It is also known as “Spring Equinox Day.” It is a special national holiday in Japan for the high regard of nature and for adore of living things.

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    Holidays in April

    29th - Showa Day

    It is the birthday of late Emperor Showa and it marks the beginning of the Golden Week holiday period.

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    Holidays in May

    3rd - Constitution Memorial Day

    It is another National holiday of Japan to observe the day on which Japan's famous “postwar constitution” was formed.

    4th - Greenery Day

    It is a day to honour Showa’s love for nature and plants. The people of Japan make a determination to take care of the nature and be thankful for all its blessings.

    5th - Children's Day

    It is also known as “Boy's Festival.” It is a day to make a determination in order to value the individuality of children and to make proper plans for their future and happiness.

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    Holidays in July

    3rd Monday - Marine Day

    It is also called as a “Sea Day.” It is basically a day to acknowledge the blessings of the oceans and to hope for the affluence of the maritime nation, that is Japan.

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    Holidays in September

    3rd Monday - Respect for the Aged Day

    It is a national Holiday of Japan to show love and reverence towards the old and respectable members, praying for their long life.

    Around 23rd - Autumnal Equinox Day

    It is a day to commemorate one’s ancestors and memorize their deaths.

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    Holidays in November

    3rd - Health and Sports Day

    It is Japan’s national holiday to observe harmony, liberty and to uphold the cultural values.

    23rd - Labour Thanksgiving Day

    As the name of the holiday shows, it is a day to pay tribute to the Labour’s effort in the development of Japan.

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    Holidays in December

    23rd - The Emperor's Birthday

    The birthday of the existing monarch in Japan is forever a national holiday.

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