Things to do on Holidays in Leeds England

The city rose to prominence in the late 19th century as a main industrial hub of the country. It also became known for badly crowded slums, which however have been improved recently. The city centre is now a business area mostly reserved for pedestrians, with its huge town hall built in 1858 that reflects the city’s industrial background.


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    The Millennium Square is the located near the city centre and hosts all kinds of events. The square is a great spot for public to gather on different occasions, including the new-year celebrations.

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    The Kirkgate Market is one of the most famous attractions around the city, as well as being one of the major shopping regions in the city. The marketplace has both indoor and outdoor stalls available for the visitors, and is located on a massive area.

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    The Town Hall is one of the finest piece of architecture of the Victorian era, and still holds significant value to the locale populace. It also serves as the venue for several concerts that take place in the city, including the International Concert Season.

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    The Royal Armouries Museum is definitely the places to visit while being in Leeds. The Museum exhibits the evolution of armory throughout the ages, ranging from swords to guns and canons. It also displays armors worn by several kings and emperors, as well as some antique specimen of pistols.

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    If you're looking for a fine dining experience then Akbar's is the place for you. The restaurant is based on an Egyptian theme, and offers a variety of Indian cuisine. It's very crowded on weekends, so be prepared to face a long waiting line.

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    There are several cinemas located throughout the city including the Vue, the Hyde Park Picture House and the Armley Mills Cinema. These movie theatres are one of the many platforms for entertaining the local populace.

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    The Leeds Parish Church, located in Kirkgate is one of the many attractive buildings in the city. The church was renovated during the Victorian era and due to that it exhibits a great deal of Victorian architecture.

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    The Thackray Medical Museum is an award winning museum located in the city that exhibits the history and development of medical science throughout the ages. The museums offers a learning experience for the young and old, and also has an adjacent cafe for its visitors.

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    The Corn Exchange is a shopping arcade located on the south of the Kirkgate Market on Vicar Lane. It's a large building with a huge glass dome that allows the light to enter, causing the place to be well-lit during the daytime.

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    The city is also home to the Leeds United Football Club, which had been very successful during the 1960's and 1970's. Football is one of the most popular sports in the country, and the passion doesn't appear to lack in this part of the region.

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