How to Become a Park Ranger

Being a park ranger can be a very challenging and rewarding career if you love the outdoors and enjoy working outside in nature. There are many state and national parks around the United States which are always looking to hire qualified park rangers to handle the day to day activities. Becoming a park ranger is not difficult but will require a lot of hard work and patience. If you want to work as a park ranger then there are a few techniques that you can follow to help you get your dream job.


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    Get high school diploma:

    You will need to have a high school diploma if you want to become a park ranger. This is one of the basic requirements that are needed.

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    Go to college:

    It is a good idea for you to get a college or vocational degree / diploma if you want to become a park ranger. Some positions require that you have a college degree and thus it is recommended. Remember to take courses that deal with management, operations and human resources. Also, take courses that help you adapt towards working outdoors and learning the day to day management.

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    Learn about national / state parks:

    Try to learn as much as you can about the various national or state parks that exist throughout the country. This will definitely help you get a better understanding on how things work in this system. You can find out through the internet or by visiting the library.

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    Learn park ranger rules and regulations:

    Study as much as you can, regarding the rules and regulations of being a park ranger. Search online for a handbook or any type of books that might help you out. Learn as much as you can to help you better understand the requirements of being a park ranger.

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    Internship / entry level position:

    Try to get an internship at a nearby state or national park. You may also want to take any entry level position to gain some valuable experience. Remember to work hard as you might be offered a permanent or better paying position after you internship ends.

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    Apply for jobs:

    Start applying to different jobs. You can always go on the internet and directly apply to the various state or national parks that are usually looking to hire a qualified park ranger. Remember to prepare a comprehensive resume.

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    Be patient:

    It can take some time to get a response so remember to be patient. If you applied properly you will get a response or call for an interview soon.

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