How to Plan a Romantic Day at the Beach

Beach and romance are analogous to oil and fire.

The blistering sun, warm and soft sand, beautiful beaches and shoals, along with lavish themed resorts dashed with all the accessories of modern life like spa, jacuzzi and especially designed refreshment are bound to enhance the romance between any couple, and the beginning of something special in a relationship. The most important aspect of such a trip is that you plan in advance so that when you are on the beach, nothing disrupts your quality time. Ideally, you should be alone on the beach with your partner, but if you think your romantic life is not affected by your friends and family, you can always tag them along.


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    Choose what to wear

    Beach is all about soaking the sun, and when you are on a romantic trip make sure that you take the most attractive clothes along with you. The choice has to be yours but it should be in keeping with the likes and dislikes of your partner. For example, if you are a girl, think about what attracts your partner. Bikini is generally a good idea, but you should avoid that if your boyfriend deems it inappropriate. In that case, you can go for a sexy bathing suit.

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    Pack all your beauty products

    With it being a romantic beach trip, the idea is to look beautiful and sexy. Pack all the creams and lotions you possibly and make sure that to take a hair brush along with you. The most important however is the sun block. You need to have it otherwise sun burns will ruin your stay. The rest of what you pack depends upon the nature of the activities that you have planned.

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    Pack in the food stuff

    Prepare exotic food items which can be easily carried to the beach. Food plays an important part in lightening up the mood, so make sure that you have all the bases covered.

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    Pack in the blankets

    Always get hold of a blanket large enough to accommodate all your stuff. You should have small blankets as well which will help you cover up when the cold sea breeze starts blowing.

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    Plan out each section of the day

    Before you head out to the beach, plan out what you are going to day in the morning, day and night. Figure out what your partner likes and try to surprise him.

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