Top 10 Things To Do on Holiday in Birmingham

The Midlands is a bustling county in the United Kingdom and their cultural hub is a melting pot of cultures from around the world. Owing to its employment facilities and the nearby University, Birmingham is a preferred destination for South Asians and thus their impact on the locality is duly noted, although the City has managed to retain its own unique atmosphere.

This write lists what tourists can look forward to doing if they ever venture out to Birmingham and it’s bustling lifestyle.


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    The Bullring:

    Although not quite suited to the taste of High Street rollers from London, Birmingham has a thriving marketplace and one can choose to spend hefty amounts on International brands or discerningly pick up bargain buys.

    For those who don’t mind a big dent in their wallets, is an ideal place for sifting through luxurious products and then perhaps relaxing in one of the 25 restaurant choices available. With manufacturers like Selfridges, Debenhams, Forever 21 and Hollister all on display, one can get seriously tempted to splash some cash.

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    On the other hand, there is the Pallasades. A location stocked with top of the line brands, specialist shops and stores, where everything from sports to cosmetics is available at just about the right price. And if you can shop till you drop, then head onto the food court and sample sumptuous offerings from Subway, Starbucks, Greggs the Bakers or one of the many cafes present.

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    Balti Triangle:

    With a South Asian influence, Birmingham has played host to a number of cuisines and can be credited for created the British-Pakistan fusion; Balti food.

    Balti food is perhaps the City’s greatest export since taking roots in the 1970’s and although the principles are based Pakistan’s rich culinary history, there is a deft English touch on curries galore. One’s search for quality Balti food should end at the Balti Triangle, which does serves up the best of the best in this cuisine. Individually made curries with just the right amount of meat, vegetables and oil make for a delicious meal, and considering its cultural importance, this should be a sure-stop for tourists.

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    Tempted to try to world-class fine dining? The head on down to the Michelin-starred Purnell’s on Cornwall Street, whose take on modern British fare leaves customers ravenous for more.

    With items such as Balmoral venison rolled in liquorice charcoal with an emulsion of English greens, salsify and baby leeks on the menu, there is much truth in the restaurants highly rated reviews.

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    Cadbury’s chocolate world:

    Although you won’t find Disneyland in the Midlands, Cadbury’s chocolate world is something which both young and old will savour.

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    St. Andrews Stadium:

    Choose to indulge in Championship football by watching Birmingham City FC during one of their home games at St Andrew's.

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    Symphony Hall:

    Music fans should definitely pay a trip to the famous Symphony hall, where a variety of instruments played by consummate professionals is sure to grab your attention.

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    Electric Cinema:

    Opened in 1909, this cinema has the honour of showing Britain’s first silent film and thus will be filled with historic accounts for the discerning visitor.

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    Clover Naturist Spa & Hotel:

    Quality rooms and rated highly by the locals, the Clover Naturist Spa and Hotel is definitely worth staying when you’re visiting Birmingham.

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    Premier Inn Birmingham:

    A delightful experience, complete with impeccable service and top notch facilities, the Premier Inn is particular popular because of its relatively price tag, which make it a bargain buy.

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