Public & National Holidays in Perth

Perth is the capital of Western Australia, one of the states of Australia. The city is one of the major hubs of civics, business and culture in the western shelf of the great country.


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    Holidays in January

    1st - New Year’s Day

    New Year’s Eve is something that’s rejoiced by people all over the world. The New Year marks a fresh start for the people, as they come up with new resolutions and things that they wish to do in the coming year. The city is among the first destinations to mark the start of New Year due to their location in the international time-zone.

    26th - Australia Day

    It’s the date that commemorates the arrival of the First Fleet at New South Wales, which eventually resulted in the start of British rule in Australia. The local people celebrate the occasion with great enthusiasm as they consider this being the date when their forefathers laid the foundation of a solid country. The national day is celebrated with real enthusiasm by the local population.

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    Holidays in March

    4th - Labour Day

    The Labour Day is celebrated on 4th March in Melbourne instead of 1st May like the rest of the world. The date commemorates the achievement of workers for the effort they put and the sacrifices they have made throughout the ages.

    29th - Good Friday

    The day marks the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and is observed in many Christian countries.

    31st - Easter Sunday

    The date commemorates the return of Jesus Christ as he was resurrected after his death following his crucifixion. The event holds great value among the Christian communities as it marks the return of messiah and their saviour. Family and friends get together to have dinner and pray so that they might be blessed for the times ahead.

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    Holidays in April

    1st - Easter Monday

    It’s the day after Easter, being celebrated in selective Christian communities. The local population prolongs their celebration of the revival of Jesus Christ with the addition of Easter Monday.

    25th - ANZAC Day

    ANZAC stands for the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, which were a combined military division of the two countries set to fight for the Allies in the World War I against the Ottoman Turks. However, it’s now celebrated to commemorate the soldiers who laid down their lives in the name for their country.

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    Holidays in June

    3rd - Foundation Day

    It’s a date to commemorate the founding of the first ever colony on the Western seaboard of the Australian continent. The day is celebrated throughout Western Australia as it marks the start of their civilization.

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    Holidays in December

    25th - Christmas Day

    Christmas is an official holiday declared by the local government so that families may spend time together and rejoice the spirit of faith and blessings. The event has great importance to the local population, and despite the absence of snow due to regions weather conditions, the spirit never dwells.

    26th - Boxing Day

    Boxing Day is also observed in the city, being declared as an official holiday by the city government.

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