Things to do on Holidays in Oslo Norway

Oslo, the capital and most populous city in Norway is a great destination for tourists who like both living in a city and having outdoors fun while on vacations. Everything that you expect to find in a modern European city can be found in Oslo, from great restaurants to a good nightlife to a number of hotel options. Great skiing, fishing, hiking and biking near the Oslomarka are also things you should not miss if you are planning on touring one of the most expensive cities in the world.

However, before you land in Oslo, make sure that you read a few basics as to how to commute in the easiest of manners.

Although most travellers tend to rent cars for their sojourn in the city, relying on the city’s transportation system is not going to be a risk either. The national railway can take you anywhere in Oslo and the neighbouring towns.

Now that you are settled in, it’s time to go out and take a look around.


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    If you are a football fan (or soccer fan if you hail from North America), be sure to go to the Norwegian Football Museum where you will get to know about the history of Norwegian football in a very interesting a funny way.

    And if you are a first time visitor to this beautiful city, take bus number 30 that will take you to the Museum of Culture History where you will have a lot of sightseeing to do.

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    Armed Forces Museum

    This museum has everything related to the military history of Norway starting from the time of Vikings until the 20th century. There are four important themes to the museum starting with the union with Denmark until 1814, union with Sweden until 1905 and the Nazi German attack on Norway during World War 2.

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    Film Museum

    If you are addicted to movies and are interested in knowing a bit about film-making concepts of other countries, don’t miss out on a trip to the Film Museum in Oslo where you will have the chance to see and even listen to the history of cinema and how Norwegian film-making developed.

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    Many tourists love supplementing their travels to various cities by shopping. The case is very much the same with Oslo where local specialty shops lead up to large state of the art modern shopping malls where you can get anything you want.

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    Nordmarka is Oslo’s very own adventure playground. Just leave the city behind and head into the forests and hills down the north of the city. Also, try and go for a swim in one of the many lakes in the area. During winters, you will come across cabins that sell muffins and hot chocolate.

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    There are some 192 Viegland sculptures at the Vigeland Park and this place is the artistic landscape of the country. The park is themed around life and relationship in the eye of Gustave Vigeland. The sculpture of Angry Boy is one of the most prominent ones in the park.

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    The first thing you notice when you see the Oslo Opera House is that it is designed to look like a boat floating on water. The building is designed stunningly and is a really good place to go to especially if you are a tourist.

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    Oslomarka is just wild nature a step away from the city and is one of the most beautiful forests you will ever come across in Scandinavia. Many tourists consider this place as the highlight of their trip to Oslo.

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    Even though it may sound boring to most of the people, please do not miss out on a trip to the Fram Polar Ship Museum as it tells you incredible stories of the first explorers who went to the North and South poles.

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    The Bygdoy Peninsula has some good restaurants. Two museums, Fram Polar Ship Musuem and the Kon Tiki Museum are worth visiting for sure.

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