How to Make a Beachy Foot Scrub

Nature has its own way of doing things perfectly and we humans try our best to replicate them. The beach not only cleanses your sole but also works marvellously on your skin, especially the feet which are in constant contact with the teasing waves and the slipping sand. The beach has the properties of an amazing scrub; the sand massages and takes off the dead skin of your feet while the water washes it away, leaving you with feet to be envious off. You can replicate the same experience at home by preparing yourself a beachy foot scrub. The scrub is surely going to make you relive the peace you felt when your feet played with the water at the beach. It is very easy to make and makes your feet soft, beautiful and glowing. You will also get rid of any callous skin because the scrub uses sand which grinds on the skin softly and removes it. The scrub can be prepared once in abundance and used whenever needed. Our step by step guide has the preparation procedure for you below.

Things Required:

– 1/2 cup sand
– 1/2 cup olive oil
– 1 tbsp. sea salt
– Bowl
– Lidded jar
– Basin


  • 1

    Take a mixing bowl and pour in the salt and the sand according to the measurements. You can bring back the sand from the beach when you visit it and use it for making a scrub. Mix these both ingredients really well using your own hands. After all, it is not just good for the feet only.

  • 2

    Now pour the oil into this mixture. The oil makes the perfect medium to make the scrub and also moisturizes the skin. Blend all these together. Pour enough oil to make it into a paste form.  The scrub is ready. Pour it into a clean lidded jar. Store this jar for later use or proceed if you are planning to scrub right away.

  • 3

    Apply the scrub to your feet in circular motion. Do this to both your feet. Place your feet in a tub or a basin. Use a brush or your hands to massage your feet softly. You can rub off the excess sand. Massage well on areas that are rough and in need of a good scrub.  When you are done, rinse off the scrub with light warm water and pat your feet dry with a clean towel. Moisturize with a good moisturizer after it.

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