7 Most Remote Places in the World

Even countries like China and USA have areas where the population is extremely low. If you tend to go to such places you will be quite shocked to see that you have only a handful number of people to talk to you.

It’s true that our planet is growing in terms of population. However, there are still places where you will rarely find anyone. Brace yourself, as you are about to go on a tour to places which are extremely isolated even in the populated world of today.


  • 1

    Tibetan Plateau

    Back in 2009 a few researchers from Italy decided to create a map where they could connect the most remote places on earth. The map basically shows that how long it is going to take for a man to reach a place where there are at least 50,000 people. This revealed that the world’s most remote area is the Tibetan Plateau. It takes at least three weeks from there to reach a place where there is at least a population of 50,000 people.

    Tibetan Plateau
  • 2

    Barrow, Alaska

    This area is famous for its extremely polar nights. Once the sun goes down in November, it doesn’t rise back up for up to 2 months. The population here is only 4000.

    barrow alaska
  • 3

    Tristan de Cunha, South Atlantic Ocean

    It is a small island located close to the Southern Atlantic Ocean. South Africa, which is the closest land from here, is also 1700 miles away. The maximum population here is of 271 people. These people are either farmers or craftsmen who are only working there for themselves.

    Tristan de Cunha
  • 4

    Easter Island

    This Island is located in the Pacific Ocean. The closest place to this particular Island is the Chilean coast, which is also 2000 miles away. The population in this Island does not cross 4000. This island is famous for its Moai army.

    easter island
  • 5

    Area 51

    Area 51 is actually a detachment of Edwards Air Force Base which is located in Southern part of Nevada. The primary purpose of this area is to develop, test and experiment certain weapons and aircrafts. It is an extremely hard place to visit and the fact that the US government spoke about its existence in 2003 has raised several conspiracy theories.

    area 51
  • 6

    Deception Island, Antarctica

    This island got its name after a pilot crashed an airplane in the area and asked for help after he found that all the passengers in the plane were dead. It is known as the penguin colony since they are widely seen on the coast present in this area.  

    deception island
  • 7

    Supai, Arizona

    Yes, it’s true! The continental United States has made it to the list. There are only 500 residents in the beautiful town of Supai. The only problem to reach Supai is the access. There are no roads that go to Supai; in fact, it is located at the bottom of the Grand Canion.


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