Public & National Holidays in Melbourne

Melbourne is a city in the state of Victoria, Australia being one of the major cultural and business hubs. The city shares most of the holidays with the federal government, however, it also has a few holidays of its own.


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    New Year’s Day (January 1)

    The region of Melbourne along with Sydney, is popular for its fireworks on New Year’s Eve, and is declared as a statutory holiday in the country.

    Australia Day (January 26)

    Also known as the national day of Australia, is a date that commemorates the arrival of a British Navy Fleet at New South Wales, which eventually resulted in British sovereignty over the eastern part of Australia. The local people celebrate the occasion with great enthusiasm as they consider this being the date when their forefathers laid the foundation of the country. The national day is celebrated with festivals, concerts and ceremonies by all the communities in the region. It has become one of the biggest events in Australia.

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    Labor Day (March 11)

    The Labor Day is celebrated on 11th March in Melbourne instead of 1st May like the rest of the world. The date commemorates the achievement of workers, as well as the success of eight-hour day movement which states that every worker should be allowed eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation and eight hours for rest.

    Good Friday (March 29)

    It’s the day when Jesus Christ was crucified upon the cross after he called for the people to follow the word of God. It’s a holiday that’s observed by almost whole of the Christian community around the world. The day is a part of the ‘Holy Week’ that involves other days such as Easter Sunday.

    Easter Sunday (March 31)

    The day marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his death due to crucifixion in the region of Israel. It’s a Christian festival that involves praying and feasting with family, hailing the miracle of his revival. It’s a movable feast, and is not fixed with any particular date on the calendar.

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    Easter Monday (April 1)

    It’s the day after Easter, being celebrated in selective Christian communities. The day is to mark the prolonged celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection.

    ANZAC Day (April 25)

    It’s a national holiday to commemorate the fallen soldiers of the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps who fought in the Gallipoli campaign in World War I.

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    Queen’s Birthday (June 10)

    It’s the birthday of the monarch of the commonwealth realm. The day is celebrated in most of the commonwealth countries including New Zealand, Canada and United Kingdom.

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    Melbourne Cup Day (November 5)

    It’s a thoroughbred horse racing competition, also being termed as the race that stops the nation. It’s one of the major events to take place in Australia and is attended by sports enthusiasts from different parts of the world. The local government declares a public holiday upon the day of the race, so that people can enjoy this grand event.

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    Christmas Day (December 25)

    Christmas is declared as a national holiday throughout Australia, being one of the most festive occasions around the region.

    Boxing Day (December 26)

    Boxing Day is also declared as a state holiday in Melbourne, being celebrated in most of the commonwealth countries.

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