How to Prepare a Pet for Air Travel

Your pets can travel with you when you go on vacations by a plane. However, there are some rules and guidelines to be followed when you plan them to take along with you. Besides these rules, removing pets from their familiar environment even for few hours will cause problems. Preparing your pet for air travelling requires some time and practice. After teaching your pets and training, you can enjoy a stress free trip to your destination. Remember to keep your pet safe and healthy during travelling through air.


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    Get a travel health certificate for your pet

    You need to get a travelling health certificate for your pet in order to take him with you in the plane. Take your pet to a local veterinarian and get the certificate.

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    Consult the airline

    You need to call the airline on which you are travelling and get information about taking your pets. Airline companies have different rules and regulations regarding pets travelling. You need to know how much older your pet should be for air travelling.

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    Book and reserve your flight early

    Few airline companies allow only limited number of pets for travelling. It is strongly recommended to book your flight early and reserve a spot for your pet. You should also get a direct flight when travelling with your pets. It will be comfortable for your pet to stay in the same plane rather changing plane and complicating the situation. In addition to this, you need to avoid travelling at peak time. By this your pet will get more attention from the airline crew.

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    Follow the kennel regulation by the airline

    You need to strictly follow the rules and regulations provided by the airline for your pet. You might be provided with a kennel where you need to place your pet for travelling.

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    Get your pet used to a kennel

    You need to train your pet to sit, stay and lay in a kennel or a carrier two weeks before the flight day. You can place the kennel in middle of floor and let your pet whether a dog or a cat get used to it. Place your pet’s food in it so your pet will go inside it in order to eat. Then you need to shut the door while your pet is eating after few days. In the end you need to let your pet sleep in the kennel after he comfortably starts eating in it.

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