How to Get In Disney Theme Parks For Free

Disney parks are still the favourite vacation place amongst kids and adults alike. They combine all entertainment facilities under one roof and offer ultimate recreation experience. However, you require a minimum of $ 300 before you can enter the holy land.

In these current hard financial times this is quite an amount of money, particularly for lower middle class families. So to cater for all people, Disney offers a promotional program that gives away free tickets to their theme parks all around the world. It is called as “The Give a Day. Get a Disney Day” in which volunteers are required to do social work for one day in exchange for free tickets to Disney theme parks.


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    Getting free visit to the Disney theme park is not that difficult. First you have to register for the program “Give a Day, Get a Disney Day” on the website to register as a volunteer. You have to be older than 18 years in order to participate in the program.

    The website allows you to register up to 8 members of your household, so there is only registration required per one family. The minimum age limit for the kids is 6 years.

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    You will have to search for volunteer activity manually, they will not be assigned to you by them. Put your Zip code in the “Search for an Activity” tab. It will provide you different category of activities so that only filtered choices are visible.

    Select “All” if you think you can manage any type of tasks assigned to you. Some common choices that are picked are “Animals and Environment” and “Seniors and Elder Care”. After you press enter, volunteer activities in your area will pop up. Select the activities most suitable for you and your family. Check out for any restrictions, for example some activities are age specific.

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    After signing up for the desired activity, the volunteer coordinator for the area will contact you and explain you the specific details of the task. Meet him/ her at the stipulated time and date and confirm your participation in volunteer work. You should bring a positive attitude in the meeting.

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    Work on the activity with utmost sincerity and follow all protocols. For example, kids between the ages of 6-17 need to be accompanied by an adult on the site.

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    On the completion of the activity, get your certificate redeemed by the Disney authorities. On the verification of the certificate, you will be provided an online link to download free tickets for the nearest Disney theme park.

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