Things to do on Holidays in Berlin Germany

Berlin is one of the largest cities in Germany. It has had a huge impact on the economy of the country with its tourism. The city offers a great deal of attractions for the tourists. The German city has a rich history and every constructed site compliments the growth of the beautiful tourist destination. Sports have a major impact on the country’s population and Berlin is no exception in this regard. With countless sports facilities, the city is a dreamland for sports fanatics.


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    Berlin’s largest forested area, Grunewald is favoured amongst the tourists, as one can have a picnic and enjoy the scenic view of the place. It a great way to escape from the hectic daily routine and is soothing experience for those looking forward to a quiet afternoon.

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    At the eastern end of Unter den Linden is Museum Island which is listed as a world heritage site. With five museums in its premises, two of which are considered to stand out to the rest. The Neues Museum and the Pergamonmuseum are two major archeological museums of the world.

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    Berlin has a lot of greenery and you will witness numerous green strips no matter where you you’re your eye. Prenzlauer Berg’s Mauerpark is a great place to relax and a treat for buyers as there are flee markets where tourists can shop around to their heart’s content.

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    Reichstag which is home of the German parliament provides a perfect overview of the city. Although the building was constructed a long time ago, it has a modern touch to it because architects renovated and restructured the place giving a modern feel to it.

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    There are photo booths all scattered all over the city. It hardly takes any time for the pictures to print and you can keep these pictures as a souvenir of the trip to Berlin. The city gives its visitors an experience like no other. ages. It has rich history and has a history behind it that most people are aware of. If you want to get a closer insight to the actual happening of the Second World War you can visit the DDR Museum.

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    Take a tour on the bike. You can rent a bike and roam around the city streets at your own free will. There are numerous places that you will come across that you are most likely to miss out on the planned tours.

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    Berlin has a highly active nightlife especially on weekends where clubs come to life. You can dance till your heart’s content as the music does not stop till sunrise. Salon Zur Wilden Renate is one of those places that compliments to Berlin’s nightlife.

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    North Mitte is heaven for shoppers. Every brand is has registered its presence in the shopping district. You name it and that brand will be there.

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    Kulturforum Potsdamer Platz or Friedrichshain Open Air Cinema features movies in English language. For you to avail the best seats in the house, you are advised to reach early.

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    Zoologischer Garten & Aquarium is a treat for families. Children and adults alike can enjoy their time in the fun packed place. There are numerous spots for picnics in the vicinity as well.

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