How to Pack a Beach Snack

If you are planning to spend a day on the beach, then you should keep one thing very clearly in your mind that buying snacks at the beach can really cost you too much money. Therefore, whenever you go to the beach, you should pack your own tasty and nutritious snacks at home. The main reason behind high prices at beach shops is that the shop owners pay high rents and to overcome their costs they sell the products at high prices. Taking a snack bag with you will be a great idea.


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    Take empty bottles and fill them will water. Place the bottles in the freezer at least one night before you plan to go on the beach. This water will really come in handy as the heat from sun and the sand will dehydrate you numerous times during the stay.

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    Take some grapes, according to your requirements and the number of people going along with you. Wash them thoroughly and put them in a parchment covered pan. Place the pan in the freezer and allow the grapes to freeze for around one hour. Take out the pan after one hour and transfer the grapes to the plastic bag. Once again, place the grapes in the refrigerator. You can do it on the night before you plan to go on the beach.

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    Buy some cheese sticks and peanuts from the nearby departmental store. You can buy fresh roasted peanuts in their shells, if you want to enjoy their fresh taste. The peanuts in shell will however require you to open them one by one when you plan to eat. Moreover, you will also have to take a trash bag with you.

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    Take out the frozen grapes and water bottles from the freezer and place them into your tote bag. Also, place all of your goodies in the same tote, including your camera, sun glasses, cap or anything you plan to use on the beach. You will also need to have few napkins with you at the beach. Therefore, you should try to pack cloth napkins, as they work best for your requirements at the beach.

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