How to Plan a Trip to Ocean Beach

In the summer, if you are planning to visit some fun place with your family or friends then Ocean Beach is your best bet. This beach runs along the coastline of San Francisco, California.

Moreover, this beach is right in front of famous Golden Gate Park. The additional benefit is that you can reach this beach easily as the highway connects this area.

Make sure your planning is perfect so that you can relish full benefits of being with your loved ones. You can make this trip memorable by keeping couple of things in mind.


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    You should know the appropriate time/ season to visit Ocean Beach. Pick a clear, bright sunny day as you will be able to enjoy the full day. However, weather conditions change dramatically along the coastline so you should also keep that factor in mind. You better check the weather forecast before the trip.

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    Next you will have to decide how to go. Driving your own car or going by public transport are the best ways to reach Ocean beach as you can not only enjoy more but save some bucks as well. If you are driving yourself then leave early to avoid rush hour and traffic jams.

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    If you are staying more than one day then it is better to make reservations in advance. You will find many resorts, motels and huts. Do some research and book the one meeting your requirements. You can also spend the night in a tent which will be an equally memorable experience.

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    Pack your bags wisely and carry only those things which are of multiple uses. For example, a smart hand set can help you to kill the travelling time by playing games and listening music. Moreover, you should carry a camera, bathing suits, water shoes, t-shirts, towels, sun block lotion, sun glasses, bottles etc. A large bag will be enough to carry all these things.

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    If you are not going to stay the night then it is better to carry some eatables with you. You can carry sandwiches, snacks and juices to keep yourself active.

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    Once you arrive at the beach, set yourself free and enjoy the beauty around you. Learn time management so that you can do maximum things in minimum time.

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