8 Most Bizarre City Names

You do know all the famous cities in the world, but we are sure that you have never heard of these bizarre city names which actually exist. Once you will read about them, you will ask yourself, “Why would anyone label a city with this name?”

There is definitely history behind all these names which definitely no one knows about. However, now these cities are famous for not particularly what happens inside them, but obviously their names because all of them sound hilarious to the ears.


  • 1

    Pity Me, England

    Pity Me is actually a suburban village located in England. This place was extremely difficult to cultivate back in the 19th Century; therefore, it was named “Pity Me.”

    Pity Me
  • 2

    Boring, Oregon

    Boring is an unincorporated community which is located in Oregon, United States. This community was named after an early resident of the area named William H. Boring.

  • 3

    Humansville, Missouri

    Another city in the United States with only 1048 people living there. The city was named after James Human who settled in the area back in 1834.

  • 4

    Monkeys Eyebrow, Kentucky

    This is an unincorporated rural community located in Kentucky, United States. A ridiculous theory regarding the unusual and unique name of the city states that when you look at the map of Ballard Country, it is just like a monkey’s head and Monkeys Eyebrow is located right at the top of the eye on this map.

    Monkeys Eyebrows
  • 5

    Fail, Portugal

    Fail is a Portuguese municipality located in Viseu. No one knows why it is called ‘Fail’, but people say it has something to do with the word ‘Fail’ in Portuguese.

  • 6

    Nothing, Arizona

    Nothing is a small unincorporated settlement in the far Eastern Mohave Country located within Arizona. When locals are asked why exactly it is named Nothing, they claim that it was named by a bunch of drunks.

  • 7

    Truth or Consequences, Mexico

    Truth or Consequences was originally named Hot Springs and it is located in the Sierra County of New Mexico. The name was changed due to the popular NBC radio program. In 1950 Ralph Edwards stated that he is going to start airing the program from that city which will name itself on the name of the program.

    Truth or consequences
  • 8

    Jot Em Down, Texas

    This small unincorporated community is in Delta County, Texas, United States. People state that it got the name from the radio show, Lum and Abner.

    jot em down

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