Public & National Holidays in Turkey

Turkey, officially named as the Republic of Turkey, is one of the developed countries located on the Anatolia in Western Asia and on East Thrace in Southeastern Europe. Turkey is not a member of the European Union as yet, but considered to be very much a part of Europe.

The country has gone through many ups and down over the past 100 years. Despite, plenty of problems, Turkey has emerged as one of the great nations of this time. The people of Turkey are very much dedicated and hard working.

The Turkish nation enjoys numerous public and national holidays. The people of Turkey love their traditions, and do celebrate every national occasion with great enthusiasm. Hard work is certainly the key to Turkey’s success..

Since Turkey is an Islamic country, the nation also celebrates Islamic events, such as Ramadan Feast and Sacrifice Feast. The dates of such holidays vary every year, because the Islamic calendar is entirely different from the Gregorian calendar. Most of the holidays, however, are in accordance with the Gregorian calendar.


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    Holidays in January

    1st - New Year’s Day

    The Turkish nation takes a day off, and celebrates the first day of the Gregorian New Year.

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    Holidays in March

    20th - March Equinox

    March equinox is defined as “the equinox on the earth when the Sun appears to cross the celestial equator, heading northward.” It can as be as early as March 19th, and as late as March 21st each year. In 2013, the Turkish people will take a public holiday on March 20th.

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    Holidays in April

    23rd - National Sovereignty and Children's Day

    The day is celebrated in commemoration of the first opening of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. The event originally took place at Ankara back in 1920. This day is also dedicated to Children.

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    Holidays in May

    1st - Labour and Solidarity Day

    The entire world has dedicated this day to labour.

    19th - Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day

    Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day (May 19)

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    Holidays in June

    21st - Summer Solstice

    Summer Solstice will be celebrated on the 21st of June in 2013. The date varies between 20th to 22nd of June.

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    Holidays in August

    8th to 10th - Ramadan Fest Eve

    - Ramadan Feast Eve (half day expected on August 07)
    - Ramadan Feast (expected on August 08)
    - Ramadan Feast Day 2 (expected on August 9)
    - Ramadan Feast Day 3 (expected on August 10)

    30th - Victory Day

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    Holidays in September

    22nd - September Equinox

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    Holidays in October

    15th to 17th - Sacrifice Feast Eve

    - Sacrifice Feast Eve (half day expected on October 14)
    - Sacrifice Feast (expected on October 15)
    - Sacrifice Feast Day 2 (expected on October 16)
    - Sacrifice Feast Day 3 (expected on October 17)

    29th - Republic Day

    Republic Day is observed all around the country on the 29th of October. 28th of October is a Half day to celebrate Republic Day Eve.

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    Holidays in December

    21st - Winter Solstice

    31st - New Year's Eve

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