How to Make a Long Beach Iced Tea

Feel like craving for an intoxicating alcoholic beverage that doesn’t taste strong? Then you must try this lip-smacking Long Beach iced tea recipe. It is a wonderful party drink that you can prepare ahead of the serving time in quite large batches. The best part is, it DOESN’T contain tea, but it has colour of iced tea.

The history behind the Long Beach Iced Tea is a bit controversial where some claim that it was invented in New York and other says it’s a Tennessee community’s production. Moreover, some other argues that it was first prepared near the beginning of the 20th century, all through the Prohibition era.

Long Beach Iced Tea is a colourful and tasty version of the Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail. The only difference in both cocktails is the addition of sour mix and cola in the Long Beach Iced Tea as a substitute of cranberry juice. The bright and vivid red colour of the tea is a result of the cranberry juice. Serve it in long stemmed cocktail glasses for more eye-catching upshot. It doesn’t require any specific garnishing as it has multihued ingredients, but you can rim the glass in some fresh lemon juice and sugar or salt to make it sharp-tasting.

Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Serving Size: 1 large serving
Utensils Required: cocktail shaker, long stemmed cocktail glass, straw


– 20ml vodka
– 20ml Triple Sec
– 20ml rum
– 20ml gin
– 20ml tequila
– 20ml lemon juice – fresh
– 100ml coke or sprite
– Few ice cubes
– Fresh Lemon or Lime Glass for garnishing – optional
– Salt or Sugar for rimming – optional


  • 1

    Prepare the Glass

    Immerse your long stemmed cocktail glass’ rim into lemon or lime juice and then dip it into some sugar or salt. Now, place some ice cubes in it and set in refrigerator until you mix make the Long Beach Iced Tea.

  • 2

    Add Liquors to Shaker

    Pour 20ml of vodka into a medium cocktail shaker and top it with same ratio of Triple Sec. Decant 20ml of rum, tequila and gin into the shaker. Now Squeeze some fresh lemon juice over the liquor mixture, according to your taste or keep it 20ml.

  • 3

    Mix the Liquors

    Seal the cocktail shaker and blend vigorously for 10 to 15 seconds.

  • 4

    Pour into the Rimmed Cocktail Glass

    Remove the rimmed cocktail glass from refrigerator and pour the liquor mixture into it.

  • 5

    Add in your Favourite Carbonated Drink

    Decant coke or sprite to the top of the liquor mixture until it turns slightly bright red in colour 100ml would be enough.

  • 6

    Garnish it!

    To add extra garnishing, set a fresh lime or lemon slice on the side of the glass.

  • 7


    Your Long Beach Iced Tea is ready; serve it cool with a straw and enjoy!

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