Things to do on Holidays in Wuxi China

Wuxi is an old city located in the Jiangsu Province in the People’s Republic of China and is one of the most important tourist cities of China. And, like in any other beautiful city, Wuxi also has quite a lot of places to go to.


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    The Giant Buddha at Lingshan is definitely one of the most recognisable places in Wuxi and if you intend to go there, make sure that you have you snickers on you as this place is huge. Take one bus from the terminal bus or express train station and you will be there.

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    Taihu Yuantouzhu Scenic is another nice place to go to. A little pricey but the serenity is worth it. Plus, you get to have a boat ride out to the Turtlehead Islet.

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    Nanchan Temple of Wuxi

    To be honest, this is quite an average place, especially for people who have been to other places in China as there are a lot of temples of the same kind all over the country.

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    If you’re a Buddhist and want to see the Buddha image made of copper, I suggest you to give a look to the Ling Mountain.

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    Vatican Palace Sacred Site is one of the most impressive structures in Wuxi and the Chinese government has spent quite a lot of money by using tons of gold for this imitation of the St. Peters Basilica.

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    The Wuxi Zoo to put it, is a fabulous zoo and it is great to see so many animals taken care of in one mega complex.

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    San’guo City is China’s very own version of Universal Studios and has a few amusement park rides and a lot of live shows that one should not miss out on.

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    Tai Hu Lake deserves a lot of attention in terms of the environment as sadly, it stinks a lot and would look really beautiful if it was clean. The local authorities should do something about it as it is one of the places that if looked after, will attract a lot of tourists for sure.

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    Shuihu Town is an entire town of buildings and film sets and has a lot of attractions.

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    Wuxi Museum has the look of an opera house and in the inside, has three sections where you get to have a glimpse of the city’s history.

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