7 Things You Wouldn’t Believe About Certain Countries

If you are to talk about all the countries in the world, you should know that currently there are more than 195 countries in the world. Even if you believe you have all the knowledge about the world, we are absolutely sure that you don’t know certain statistics about every country in the world. However, we have managed to lay down easily for you. We have managed to collect extraordinary stats of every country in the world and we have listed them down.

We are sure that you will be quite shocked to see how things run around in the world. Scroll down and be amazed!


  • 1

    US with Most People Behind Bars

    Even though United States of America is currently not the highest populated country, they have still the highest number of people behind bars. Currently there are 2.2 million people who have been jailed by the law enforcing agencies working in the United States. China and Russia are the two countries who take the second and third spot.

  • 2

    Afghanistan is the World’s Largest Opium Producer

    The drug opium, which is quite famous around the world, is currently growing in abundance when it comes down to Afghanistan. This is the reason why the nearby countries are always involved in illegal trade activities. This includes the likes of Pakistan, Iran, India and a few Middle Eastern states as well. Currently Afghanistan has 95% of the world’s total opium.

  • 3

    Somalia is the Least Peaceful Nation

    It is like shooting in mid-air but it’s actually true. Somalia is currently the world’s least peaceful nation. The global peace index of Somalia recently took over Iraq, making Iraq the second least peaceful nation in the world.

  • 4

    Canada has the most Educated People

    Recent ranking showed that Canada has the highest amount of educated people around the world. 50% population of the country has at least done post-secondary level of education. Israel is the second most educated country in the world, having 45% people who have managed to get past the post-secondary level.

  • 5

    Haiti is almost treeless

    Recent stats from Haiti showed that the country almost does not have any trees. The country has been badly deforested.

  • 6

    Suriname almost entirely covered in Jungle

    While Haiti has no trees, Suriname is a country which is almost entirely covered in jungle.

  • 7

    Malta’s citizens live abroad

    Malta is a country where most of the citizens have taken the option to live abroad. Despite being economic, this country still has more Maltese living abroad as compared to the ones living inside the country.


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