How to Find the Waterfalls in Central Park

One of the most famed spots in New York, and the setting for countless Hollywood movies, Central Park attracts up to 20 million visitors annually, as per the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation. While these visitors certainly enjoy the main attractions of the park, many are unaware of the picturesque waterfalls that are, for the most part, hidden away behind all the vegetation.

Central Park contains a total of 5 waterfalls, and while some of these are just trickles of water, two waterfalls are well worth seeing – “The Pond” falls (which is located on the southern side of the park), and “The Lochs” falls (located in the northern end).

Things Required:

– Central Park map
– Comfortable walking shoes


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    Start your quest to find the waterfalls by equipping yourself with a map of Central Park (in case you get lost), and comfortable walking shoes, so your feet are not covered in blisters by the time you make it to the waterfalls.

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    If you are looking to get to The Lochs waterfall, there are two trains you can take. You can either hop aboard the number 6 train (on the Lexington Avenue Local line), or the number 4 train (on the Lexington Avenue Express line), in order to get to 103rd Street and Lexington Avenue.

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    Once you get off, walk south to reach 102nd Street, and then in order to get to Central Park, turn right and head westwards. Once you cross Park Avenue and Madison Avenue, you will reach Central Park at Fifth Avenue.

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    Use the 102nd Street entrance to get into the park, and then proceed down the trail until you reach the East Drive. From here, you will need to turn right, and go down East Drive for around three blocks. You will know you have reached The Lochs waterfall when you reach a ravine – the falls are located at the bottom of the ravine.

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    However, if you are looking for The Pond falls, your route will need to be completely different. Proceed to take either the N or the R train in order to get to 59th Street and Fifth Avenue (both trains are on the Broadway Local line). In order to get to the waterfall, you will need to enter the park from the southern entrance, which can be found on 59th Street and Fifth Avenue.

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    Once you're in, keep walking until you come across the statue of Simon Bolivar atop a horse. You will find a flight of stairs on the left side of the statue – walk down these and at the bottom of the flight of stairs, you will find yourself facing a pond. Proceed to turn left and walk around 2 yards, and you will reach The Pond waterfall, which will be located on your right.

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