Things to do on Holidays in Geneva Switzerland

Bienvenue a Geneve or Welcome to Geneva in English, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe situated along the banks of Lake Geneva at the foot of the cold Alps. One thing that all know about this beautiful city in Switzerland is that it is home to the United Nations. Most of the major conventions that shaped international law, were born in this very city.

Today, there are 60 consulates and 250 international organizations based in Geneva and the city can proudly call itself as the most cosmopolitan city in Switzerland. From shopping malls to its cobblestone streets to old monuments, Geneva is the candy of every tourist’s eyes and if you are lucky enough to go on a Euro trip, make sure that you don’t miss out on a trip to one of the most romantic and evergreen cities of the Old Continent.

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    The Place du Bourg-de-Four is a city square in the Old Town of Geneva, Switzerland. It is one of the most famous commercial centres in the country with fountains, restaurants with outdoor seating and a lot of shops for window shopping too. The Place is also near the St. Pierre Cathedral, the largest church in Geneva.

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    Feeling close to nature

    Ask any tourist who has been there and he will tell you that the city is the best place to explore one of the most beautiful countryside in the world. Whether you are in for hiking, biking, boating or looking to have a once in a lifetime ski vacation, go to Geneva and you will know that you made the right choice. Nearby towns of Chamonix, Lausanne and Montreux will let you know how it feels to be close to nature.

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    Fine watchmaking

    For more than four centuries, Geneva has been home to watchmaking expertise second to none. The city’s love of accuracy, beauty and exclusivity depicts on the watches, something that always seems to get envious glances from everywhere. Go to Cite du Temps and you will see collection of all the watches Swatch has made since 1983.

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    Grand Theatre de Geneve

    The Grand Theatre de Geneve is one of the most majestic buildings in the city. Since its opening back in 1876, the theatre has stages numerous operas, dance performances, recitals and theatres.

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    Jet d’Eau

    This fountain is the symbol of Geneva and it would be beyond comprehension if a tourist misses out taking photographs beside one of the most famous symbols of the city.

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    Take a combined coach and train trip from Geneva in order to get the chance of taking i some of the most beautiful landscapes in Switzerland in the form of a train trip to Gueyere.

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    Planning on spending Christmas in Geneva with your family? Take a trip from Geneva to Montreux where you will have a great chance of buying some really nice gifts at the various Christmas Markets in the city.

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    Bar du Nord is one of Carouge's oldest places and during the 90s, was known for its beach. Today, it has become a stylish bar that has been filled with Bauhaus-inspired furniture. Best nights to go there are Thursday and Friday

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    The famous Flower Clock  is one of the most beautiful assortments of flowers you can ever seen and is located on the entrance of the Jardin Anglais.

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    Take a free cruise on a boat as it guides you along the Lake Geneve and feel close to nature.

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