How to Get Hired at an Amusement Park

If you are a high school student looking for a summer job or a university student looking to make his way into professional work or you just want to do another job to make extra money, then getting hired at an amusement park is the perfect solution. Usually, an amusement park offers a variety of jobs. You could be asked to work as the traditional roller coaster worker or manage the employees behind the scenes. Although amusement parks typically advertise these vacancies, there are simple things you can do to increase your chances of securing a job.


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    Firstly, determine your talents and the search through available job vacancies at the amusement park. If you are a college student, studying retail management, then you consider applying for a retail management position in the park. If you are retried person with valuable customer services skills, find a job in the guest services department. It is recommended to do a little research to find out what jobs are available in the park.

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    You can see the list of vacancies on the park’s official website. If you are a shy person, avoid applying for position that involves direct dealing with the customers. Work as a behind the scenes official might suit you best if you are not too friendly.

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    Remember that most parks require you to work on either Saturday or Sunday. If working on weekends is impossible for you then think twice before applying for a job at an amusement park. Depending on your age, you could also be asked to work nights as well.

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    Typically, workers over 16 are expected to fill the night time vacancies. If you are going to school or college, then you should not sign up for night shifts as this can cause disruption in your studying. Make sure you tell the employers about any schedule limitations at the time of your interview.

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    Never confuse being over casual with fun. While a suit would be an inappropriate dress for an amusement park, you should also avoid wearing dirty and torn clothing. Use a properly fitted shirt with denim pants or skirts. Some parks also have limitations on hair style, piercings and tattoos.

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