How to Learn about Jamaican Theatre

The Jamaican theatre scene is highly professional and one of the most culturally rich in the world. Over the years, Jamaica has produced some excellent thespians, playwrights and actors, and it is no surprise that their people are deeply affected by their theatre. This brand of theatre is not like your ordinary western theatre; it has its own innovative and diverse variations that reflect the moods and the life style of this Caribbean nation.

The Jamaican theatre has a very rich history. Plays have been a common trend in the Caribbean since centuries. Travelling Shakespearean companies, local drama troupes, including the French and Jewish groups, were highly keen in setting up their platform on the islands. With so much of history behind them, the island has grown its horizons and is undoubtedly an excellent example of classical theatre. With its roots from all over the world, the Jamaican theatre is at a league of its own.


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    Visit the Ward Theatre which is located in downtown Kingston and is considered to be one of the best in the Caribbean islands. It is also the second largest in the Caribbean and has a capacity to accommodate 900 people.

    The theatre is named after Colonel C. J. Ward who commissioned it in 1912. The colonel put in a lot of effort to make the idea of a theatre come to life, conducting a nationwide completion for architects who came up with the best of designs. Finally the best was chosen and the construction got started. To know the Jamaican theatre you need to know a little bit about its history, so make sure you seek the right type of information.

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    Learn about the prominent writers who came from Jamaica. There was no one more high profiled than the Jamaican playwright Trevor Rhone. Rhone made anthropological changes in the society with his writing, which was based on human conditions and the affects of societal mores on morality. His plays have been played all over the world with the most prominent one being the Orange and Old Story Time. He was also an actor and a director and you should take a look at his pieces to understand the rich Jamaican theatre.

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    The National Pantomime is a treat. Attend the event to get relish the famous Jamaican theatre. One of the Jamaican treasures, the pantomime is an annual event and is featured the day after Christmas. The Ward Theatre has hosted the event for the past six decades. Highly dedicated and skilful staffs make the pantomime a memorable experience as it includes songs and comedy. With colourful costumes and a perfectly set stage, the event is highly appreciated by everyone.

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