How to Winterize a Park Model Trailer

A park model trailer is made to be placed at one spot all the time and it cannot be towed from one site to another. The park models of trailer are very popular and are mostly used by the retirees who plan to visit places like Florida during the winter as it offers a great recreation at a very cheap cost. Furthermore, they can also be purchased by the common people who just want to go on an outing.

If you are planning to go out on a vacation on your park model trailer, you should better winterise it in order to get the necessary safety against the harsh weather and to enjoy your vacations.


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    First of all, you have to buy a pre-winterised park model of trailer. You can buy it from a retiree as many live in the park model trailer across the country. However, you have to make sure that the park trailer is in good condition. Besides, you should ensure that it has a BTU furnace to create warmth, heated tanks and an upgraded insulation package in it. If you will be able to purchase a pre-winterised park model of trailer, it will be an ideal home for you.

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    If you don’t plan to reside in your park model trailer, you can simply go for simple winterising for it. After winterising it, you will be able to part it for the whole winter to enjoy your vacations at a particular place. You should know how all its equipments work so as to use them properly.

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    You should turn the bypass valves to the wintertime position on hot water tank once your water has been fully drained. You have to open the middle valve of the hot water tank after closing down both the upper and lower valves.

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    Now, locate the low point drains which will be near the city water hook-up. You have to allow the water to go down before replacing the plugs.

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    You will have to shut off the valves on the toilet. Before that, remove all the water from the tanks.

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    You can use a hand-powered water pump to build the pressure for the city water intake valve.

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    Open the cold faucets and walk into the trailer. Then, shut the faucets off when you see the pink anti-freeze flow through it.

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    Turn the washing machine to warm and allow the pink fluid pour in the washer. Then, remove the pump and anti-freeze from city water valve and turn it off.

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    Now, lock up your park model trailer as it is completely winterised.

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