How to Build a Backyard Snowboard Park

A snowboard park can be great fun for a family vacation, or an activity for the weekend, but the long drive to a park, and long lines for tickets can often serve as major deterrents. If you wish to enjoy the entertainment and facilities offered by a snowboard park, and still remain within the comfort of your home, you might consider setting up a mini snowboard park in your own backyard.

Things Required:

– Snowmaker or access to snow
– Shovels
– Rails


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    Firstly, make sure you have the most essential thing – snow. Ideally, you should set up your backyard snowboard park in winter, when there has been plenty of heavy snowfall, but you could also consider investing in a snowmaker during warmer weather.

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    Draw up a rough map of your backyard, detailing the layout of the area and landscape. Depending on the size of your backyard, and what it contains, you will need to determine how many features you can incorporate in your homemade snowboard park – usually, two to three should be enough. Plan rail features on flatter areas, use hills or dunes in the natural landscape for planning jumps and quarter-pipes, and create a trail through any trees, if there are any.

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    Using your shovels, start moving the snow to form the features you have decided on. Start building up the hills for jumps, and make sure there is plenty of snow on the path that leads up to the jumps. When installing the rails, make sure you secure them in the ground steadily, so they do not wobble or become dislodged when you attempt to ride them – this is a matter of safety, so be extra careful while installing these. Lay down gymnastic mats on the top or deck of the quarter-pipe, in order to cushion any falls.

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    Once you are done shaping and organising the snowboard park, step back and survey your work for anything that might need last-minute adjustments. Clear the backyard of any other materials, such as stray toys, a hose, plant pots, and rocks – anything which might hurt someone if there are any falls.

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    After this is done, test out your snowboard park. Go easy and slow the first time and try out all the features, to make sure there are no problems. Make any final changes, and add or subtract features if you desire. Your backyard snowboard park is now ready.

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