How to Visit a National Park

National parks attract tourists from around the globe. They have beautiful sceneries, hiking spots, rock climbing and different types of activities which you can do and have fun. National parks are created in locations of historical importance or scenic beauties of the land.


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    Location and route

    First of all you need to decide which national park you want to visit. You can check from your local tourist guide centres if the national park is located in your own country. If you are going to visit a national park which is located in another country, then you can take information from a travel agency or simply from the internet. You need to determine which route to take and which mode of transportation will be suitable.

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    Estimation of the total cost

    Then you need to calculate the rough estimate of the cost require to reach that place. Also include the cost require for staying in that area, food and drinks, transportation and shopping. You should always carry extra for emergency purposes. Remember not to take too much cash as you do not want robbers on your tail.

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    Book accommodation

    Next you should book accommodation in advance where you will leave your stuff before taking a tour. If the national park is far away from your house, you should book a hotel room in advance. In case of peak days of tourists, you may face difficulty in finding a room. Booking will also lower your total cost as in some hotels there are promotions for advance booking. In order to find the best deals, you can visit park or the city official site. You can also get deals from your travel agent. Remember you can always camp in a local national park instead of booking a hotel room.

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    If you are visiting a park which is far from your home then you need to carry a suitcase. Place your clothes and other stuff in it. Also carry a backpack which you can take it on the tour inside park.

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    Entry Pass

    After reaching the park, you will be required to buy an entry pass. The Price of an entry pass varies from location and differs for adults and children.

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    Tour guide

    After reaching the national park, you can always hire a tour guide to show you around. He will also tell you about the historical information and other notable stuff of the park. You can also take a bus tour in a park if they have.

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