How to Design a Skate Park

Extreme sports are on the boom and in the last few years, the popularity has been going up all the time. The number of people currently interested and involved in extreme sports is unprecedented and yet is increasing.

This also means that there is a lot of opportunities for those who want to invest into businesses related with these sports. One of the wiser investments in this regard is to make a skate park, a facility that is used to perform the tricks with the help of skateboards, roller skates and BMX bikes and has all the necessary requirements present.

Designing the facility right is of the utmost importance and one must make sure that the design is ideal. A good design is likely going to attract a lot more enthusiasts and make the facility profitable.


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    Know the Demand

    You must know how many users do you expect everyday and what kind of capacity you will need to build. Are you going to be catering to a few dozen enthusiasts a day or will it be hundreds coming in to hone their skills. This is important to know as it will allow you to develop your infrastructure accordingly. You do not want to have too much capacity when the audience is little and do not want to lose customers because the capacity is just not enough.

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    Type of Sports

    Each sport has its own particular requirements. You need to be aware whether you will be having more BMX bikers or skateboarders. You are likely going to have a mix but you need to know that which type of sport is preferred more and must build a greater capacity for that sport.

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    You also need to know about the likes and dislikes of those who will be coming to your park. This is crucial as small flaws in design can leave you with a limited attendance. You can conduct a survey about these preferences and you can also visit the online forums for these sports to see what is liked and disliked. Be sure to look at the suggestions these enthusiasts have to improve the quality of existing facilities.

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    Hire Professionals

    Make sure that during the whole process, you do engage professionals and the final design will have to be made by a professional architect. This will allow you to have an optimum utilisation of space and a design that will be as per the current standards.

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