How to Start a Dog Park Business

This is the age of ideas and entrepreneurship is on the rise. While there are several business ideas you can work on, there is always a risk involved. A dog park business can be very profitable if started up in a good locality with proper planning.


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    The first step to starting any business is research; you cannot begin a profitable venture without doing your homework first. You need to look for locations you can use and assess resources you may require for landscaping etc.

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    You will also need to contact local veterinarians and pet owners in order to assess the feasibility of a dog park in that specific location. You can also conduct a survey to gauge whether people actually want to avail services you will be offering.

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    You will need some business tips before starting, so it is advisable that you visit dog parks in other locations and talk to their owners. You may get valuable information and small details that will help you set up your own park.

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    Analyze the different services offered by other parks and compare them with yours to establish a pricing plan for your park. You should try to price your services competitively to get more clients in the start.

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    Once you have the location and the required resources, plan the park and an office in it. Make sure your park is easily accessible on foot and is near a residential area unless you expect people to drive their pets to your park.

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    It is very important to consult a lawyer before you start your business. You will need some permits according to local laws and it is advised that you get the paper work done well before the opening.

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    An aggressive PR and marketing campaign will be essential to get the message across the community. Remember, like any other business, your park will require publicity, so the more people know about it the better.

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    You would need to construct a proper website for your dog park, with pictures and details of services your park provides. The website needs to have your contact information along with hours of operation. Make it easier for people to contact you by giving them various options.

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    You cannot run a dog park by yourself, so hire employees for help. The number of employees should depend on the size of your park. Usually you will require two to six employees at the beginning. However, with the expansion of your business and more clients using your park, you will certainly need to hire more staff to take care of the dogs.

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