How to Plan a Concert in the Park

If you are planning to stage a concert in your neighbourhood, then a local park can be a good venue, where you can gather a good crowd from different parts of the city. It is even better if you are planning the concert in summers. It is best to choose a park which can accommodate a huge crowd, while considering the fact that the structure of the park should complement the type of event you are hosting. Moreover, you should carefully allocate your budget to organise the concert in a great way.


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    First of all, you need to determine the type of event you plan to organize. The concert can be a free event or can also be a fundraising event to charity or any other community organisation in your region.

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    You will need to take permission from the town's park and recreation officials to stage the concert in the park. Without the permission, you will not be able to set up the stage and host the event. Therefore, you should discuss your plan with the officials in order to get the rights. In addition to that, you should also ask the officials about what they will do in order to make the park litter free on the day of concert. You can also give them some ideas about bringing some improvements in the park, by creating awareness through the concert.

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    Choose the genre of the concert. You should be very careful while selecting the genre, because the genre itself will solely decide what type of crowd or audience you want to reel in for your concert.

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    Set the date of the concert. You should also have another plan, in case of rainy weather. If rain hits the area on the day of concert, then you should have a back plan, such as moving the concert to any auditorium or school hall etc. For that you will have to book an indoor hall in advance, in case rain hits your concert’s venue.

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    Try to get sponsors for your event. You will have to display the banners of the sponsors during the concert. It will allow the sponsors to advertise and in return, you will get funding for your event.

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    Look for different local bands and solo singers, who can entertain the audience. Make sure you get the best in the market, in order to make your concert a hit.

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