How to Make a South Park Character

Heroes of the cartoon “South Park” are famous especially among adults. The characters are somehow similar in same proportions as they differ only in colour and clothes, so they are very easy to draw.

The animated series “South Park” has many fans around the world. The main secret of success of the series lies not only in its proper bawdy humour, but also the attractiveness of the main characters: Eric, Stan, Kyle, Butters and Kenny. Simple, even primitive drawing of “South Park” allows everyone to easily draw favorite characters.

Before you begin to draw comic book characters, you have to get hand on drawing separate forms – egg-shape of the head, the chest semi-oval, long oval cross to the pelvis area and the small ovals to form the side of the pelvis, the circles for the joints and knees.

Things Required:

– Paper
– Pencil
– Eraser


  • 1

    The first phase of the work is to define different proportion of all the character. Children from the cartoon "South Park" have a head of a diameter larger than the width of the body. That is, if the diameter of the body equals 4 cm, suitable head should have a diameter of 6 cm. However, drawing Eric Cartman is an exception among the rest of the characters.

  • 2

    In order to make a standard template for all the characters, just find the object having the appropriate range of the base. Use pencil and calculate the diameter after drawing a square the width of which is two-thirds the diameter of the circle.

  • 3

    To draw oval eyes in the middle of the face, you can use coins. First circle them and then "cut" corners. The legs are formed by separating two ovals at the bottom of the square, which was to become the child's body from "South Park."

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    Next you will see individual features. For example Stan Marsh wears a hat on his head. Take a plate or a disc to draw a circle that is something round with a large diameter. Headgear of the other characters can be created using round and square objects and all other elements of the character’s clothing can be drawn by hand.

  • 5

    When the sketch is ready, you need to delete all the auxiliary line and colour of the resulting image. Then gently apply the contour black.

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