How to Get Married In a Park

If you are planning to make your wedding different from everyday weddings, there are a number of innovative things you can do. For example, if you prefer an outdoor environment over an indoor environment, getting married in a park is one of those things. Getting married in a park can be a unique experience; however, you will have to keep in mind that parks are public places and are not primarily meant for occasions such as a wedding ceremony. Therefore you will have to make some preliminary arrangements before you can hold your wedding ceremony in a park.


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    Choose the right park. Ideally, it should be at driving distance for most guests whom you plan to invite. Visit three to four different parks and make the authorities aware of your plans. Look for a park which features gazebos, waterfalls, gardens and other memorable attractions because such attractions can be a great wedding backdrop.

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    If you live in an area which is prone to unpredictable weather, you need to be careful when planning to get married in a park. You do not want it to be raining cats and dogs and not have a shelter, tent or pavilion in the park. Read the weather forecast report before choosing a date for the wedding.

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    Send invitations to the guests making them aware that the marriage will be held in a park. Invite all your relatives, close friends and business contacts because there is literally no limitation on the number of guests you can invite in a park wedding. To make the event more exciting, arrange reception and the actual ceremony in the same park.

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    Choose if you want the wedding ceremony to be formal or casual. In a casual park wedding, you can have things like volleyball or even swimming as part of your reception. However, in a formal park wedding, there are no such liberties available.

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    To put your guests at ease, rent comfortable chairs and preferably a tent as well, to keep out bad weather, should it set in. Set up chairs and allow space for guests to move around freely. Moreover, the arrangement of chairs needs to be immaculate.

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