Things to do on Holidays in Florian Austria

St. Florian, also known as Sankt Florian to the locals, is a town located in Upper Austria, spread on an area of 17 square miles. The town is located 10 miles away from the city of Linz, and has a very small population of more than 5,500 people. Florian is located on an elevation of nearly 300 meters above sea-level. The town of Florian is home to St. Florian’s Priory, which is a community that constitutes of Canon Regulars, being named after St. Florian. The St. Florian Priory is the second oldest operational monastery in the Christian world, the first being that of St. Augustine.  The town is popular for its church choirs, which seem to have an ancient history of more than 1000 years. It’s considered as an ideal location for those who are seeking tranquillity and an opportunity to relax while enjoying their holidays.


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    The Augustiner Chorherrenstift is one of the most historic buildings of town. It's existence dates back to the early 9th century, and since then has been occupied by christian monks. The yellow and white colours used in the building display a fascinating spectacle for the visitors who gaze with awe at this marvellous piece of architect.

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    The Stifskirche is another major attraction that the small town of St. Florian has to offer. It's an altar that's made up of 700 tonnes of Pink marble, and an 18th century organ that's used for choirs and playing the sacred church music. To hear the overpowering sound of the organ, attend one of those religious concerts that's organized every day of the week except Tuesday and Saturday.

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    Take a walk down one of the streets of the small town. The distant sound of the town activity and the calm and peaceful countryside tends to be a soothing experience. Definitely recommended for those who are up for a relaxing holiday.

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    The Historisches Feuerwehrzeughaus is a fire-brigade museum that's located in the town of Florian. The museum is a fascinating site to witness, and offers an entertaining experience. It possesses a vivid collection of historic fire engines, buckets and other fire fighting related items.

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    Apart from the Fire fighting museum, the city also has a hunting museum, known as the . The museum exhibits different specimen that describe the evolution of hunting tools and technique in human history, and proves to be an interesting experience for people of all ages.

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    Despite the fact that Florian is a quiet town, yet it still offers some exquisite delights. Zum Goldenen Lowen is one of the most famous restaurants in town, and is a must visit destination while staying in Florian. The restaurant is located right next to the St. Florian Abbey, and it would be a lost opportunity if one doesn't dine at this countryside restaurant.

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    While visiting the city, do take out the time to take a trip to the countryside. The town of St. Florian is not that is filled with crowds and bustling activity, and it would be a pleasant experience to make the best of it.

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    The prime attraction of St. Florian has been its boys' choirs, also known as St. Florianer Sangerknaben. It was founded in the late 11th century, and has been a important component of the way the local people worship. If you're in St. Florian then you must attend one of the services in which the boys sing their choirs.

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    The town also possesses a statue of St. Florian, that was built in the honour of the religious figure. The statue is located near the centre of the town, and manages to get the attention of people passing by.

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    If you feel bored while staying at the small town, or you think that you've already seen all the attractions it has to offer, then you can always head to Linz, which is hardly 20 kilometres away from Florian. Linz is one of the major cities of Austria, and is of great significant to the country's economy and history.

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