How to Hike the Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail is one of the most fascinating hiking trails and it is situated in Northern Georgia. The 2000-2200 miles hiking trail runs from Springer Mountain to Mount Katahdin and this prolonged trail passes through 9 different states of America which makes it one of the most attractive hiking trails for hikers all over the world. Every year countless people try to hike on this trail and over 9000 people have completed it so far since 1930. Keep reading this article in order to learn the tips and tricks about how to hike the Appalachian Trail.


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    First of all, you should get complete information about the Appalachian Trail which will help you to know how much area of this track is suitable for hiking or how much area you should cover. Everyone does not have enough time and stamina to complete this over 2000 miles area.

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    If you are a novice in the hiking field then you should select a particular portion of Appalachian Trail because it will become impossible for you to complete this prolonged hiking trail.

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    You should understand that for completing the whole Appalachian Trail you need at least six months which is fairly a long period of time and countless people do not afford to spend six months in hiking. So, you should plan to hike on Appalachian Trail according to the availability of time.

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    You can hike on Appalachian Trail free of cost as there are no charges for anyone. It also remains open for all people and a marked line of white paint has been drawn to keep the hikers on track.

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    You should plan the whole trip by calculating the portion of Appalachian Trail that you want to hike on. It will depend on the availability of time and also on your stamina.

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    Make sure you do not set unrealistic target of hiking a longer area of Appalachian Trail in less amount of available time. It can make you fatigued and chances are high that you will end up in shrinking your trip.

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    You should utilise the facilities of the Appalachian Trail that includes almost 250 shelters where hikers take rest and have some refreshments or food before moving on. You should also take proper rest at every shelter in order to revive strength before going ahead.

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