How to Visit Fairy Tale Theme Parks

Fairy tale theme parks provide a perfect platform for adults to bring out their childish side and for children to see their favourite cartoon characters come to life. Although theme parks do not have what you would call the thrilling rides likes bungee jumping and paragliding, they do make up for it with the variation on offer, for all the age groups.


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    You cannot have magical Disney experience if you have not visited the original American Disneyland or the World’s Magic Kingdom. Reserve you plane tickets and tag your children along because both of these theme parks feature eight magnificently constructed themed “lands” which also includes the Fantasy land. The rides that Fantasy land features are based on Disney films but many of them also pay tribute to the fairy tales and classic children’s literature.

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    Germany is not far behind when it comes to theme parks. It is a home to the Grimm’s Brothers’ fairy tales. Major fairy tale theme parks include Phantasialand which is located in Bruehl near Cologne and the Ruhpolding Amusement Park which is situated in the town of Ruhpolding. These theme parks entertain people of all ages and no one leaves the place without having an experience of a life time. So if you want to have the ultimate fairy tale theme park experience book your tickets to Germany.

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    Germany is famously known to have one of the most beautiful country sides in Europe and you will definitely be interested in taking a 372-mile road trip and enjoy the scenic views.

    The Fairy Tale Road which is between the towns of Hanau and Bremen is also one of the highlights of the trip. Though it is not what you would call a typical theme park but the road traverses the fairy tale locations that the Grimm Brothers collected. It also features over 60 stopping points, including the town of Hamelin which is a reflection of the fairy tale town of “The Pied Piper of Hamelin”. The infamous tower where Rapunzel was locked away is also one of the attractions that Germany offers to its visitors.

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    Look into modern theme parks, the name of Efteling Theme Park comes to one’s mind. and it will certainly leave you fascinated. The modern theme park has classical fairytale roots but has evolved with time. The theme park is located in Tilburg-Noord, Holland and has four main features that include, Adventure Realm, Alternative Realm, Travel Realm and the Fairy Realm. The Fairy Realm comprises of original attractions. The Fairy Tale Forest is the largest and also a feature of the Fairy Realm.

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