How to Get Married In a National Park

Marriage is surely one of the most significant events of one’s life and everyone wishes to make it a memorable occasion. Weddings involve traditions as people in different areas of the world adopt various rituals and customs, which are being practised since centuries. However, there are some people who think out of the box to glamorise their party and have a dream wedding.

A good idea to make your wedding very special is to get married outdoors. You can make the occasion extremely unique by getting married in a national park, with lots of nature and beauty around you, while you get bonded in one of the most beautiful relations of the world. In a natural atmosphere, your wedding is going to be remembered for years to come, if all your relatives and close friends are there to witness you entering a new phase of your life.


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    Choose a park

    You need to choose the park before you plan to get married and see if it permits weddings to take place in it. Contact the park management and go through their policies. Some of the parks list their policies online as well, which is more convenient. Follow the process and register before your wedding ceremony.

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    Parking and decoration arrangements

    Parking is always an issue in wedding ceremonies, so you must check about the parking arrangements in the national park.

    You should go for minimum artificial arrangements in order to make the atmosphere look very natural. After all, that is the whole idea behind your idea behind getting married in a national park.

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    Take care of the park

    You must respect wildlife and nature and should clean up the park yourself after the event. Do not encourage your guests to throw trash in the park. Make sure that you bring trash containers with you for the function.

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    Consider the weather

    As you are getting married outdoors, you must take into account the weather. Get weather reports for the day so that you can make necessary arrangements. In case of rain or strong winds, you should have a contingency plan.

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    Know the guidelines

    Follow the rules of the national park regarding alcohol, motor vehicles, fire, pets and the activities within the park. The guidelines are meant to be followed and respected.

    While booking the park, you should get detailed information about the things which are included in the reservation.

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