How to Get the Lineup for Central Park Summerstage

Central Park is a public park in Manhattan, New York and it is famous for its series of events regarding art and entertainment in the summer. Every year, public theatre organises free open air shows to entertain the national and international visitors. People come here for activities like boating, rock climbing and ice skating.

However, those who have interest in art, literature and music wait all year long for the activities. Sometimes, they miss these events just because they don’t get the news in time. That is why it’s really important to get the line-up for Central Park summer stage.


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    Decide what you want to follow:

    First of all, you should know what you want to follow otherwise you won’t be able to decide at the eleventh hour. There is lot of happenings in Central Park every year so you should make up your mind to lock the event well before time.

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    Make list of your interests:

    You better make a list of things you want to do this summer. For instance, you might be an art connoisseur but you also want to listen some good country music or watch a theatre play. You can make the maximum use during the summer only if you are focused on few things.

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    Start reading newspaper:

    Newspapers are always reliable source of information and you can get the line-up for Central Park summer stage if you read the newspaper regularly. Mostly, entertainment/showbiz sections of the paper cover such news so you should not skip these pages.

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    Browse Internet:

    Another way to get the list of events well in time is to visit different web pages. You will find many websites dedicated to cultural activities taking place in Central Park. Similarly, there are many websites that cover local news of New York so you can get the schedule of all the events.

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    Visit DVD stores:

    Sometimes, the organisers hang informative banners and leaflets or provide brochures at the counter of DVD stores. You should visit such shops frequently so that you can stay updated. You can also get tickets in advance if these stores have that facility.

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    Become a member of cultural society:

    You can stay informed if you are an active member of Central Park summer stage. However, you will have to spend some fortune for this purpose but it is totally worth it.

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    Contact ticketing agencies:

    Stay connected with local ticketing agencies as they always have complete information of the upcoming events.

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