Public & National Holidays in Indonesia

Indonesia is located in South-East Asia. Majority of the population in Indonesia is Muslims whereas the second highest religious group is of Christians. There are a number of holidays observed mainly because of the presence of the two large religious groups in the country.


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    January Holidays

    The country observes the New Year’s Day as a holiday which marks the start of the Gregorian calendar. January 24 will also be marked as a day off this year in respect of the birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The date may vary every year as it is according to the Islamic calendar.

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    February Holidays

    February 10 would be observed as a national holiday as it is the Chinese New Year. The date would occur as the first day of the first lunar month in the Chinese calendar and would be declared as a day off.

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    March Holidays

    The third month of the year accommodates two national holidays for the residents of Indonesia. First is March 12, which will be a day off for the Balinese New Year whereas March 29 will be observed as a mark of respect for the death of Jesus Christ. This day is also known as the ‘Good Friday’ and is observed on the last Friday before Easter.

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    May Holidays

    The country will observe two national holidays this month in the form of Ascension Day and the Waisak Day. Ascension Day will be observed on May 9 this year and is regarded as the day when Jesus Christ was taken up to heaven. On the other hand, Waisak Day is the day when Buddha was born and will fall on May 25 this year according to the Buddhist calendar.

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    June Holidays

    Isra Miraj will be observed on the 6th of June this month, marking the day when Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) ascended to heaven in a both physical and spiritual journey.

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    August Holidays

    Indonesians will observe three national holidays this month as part of the Eidul Fitr and the Independence Day. Eidul Fitr will fall on the 8th and 9th of August this year whereas August 17th is the country’s Day of Independence.

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    October Holidays

    The second Eid or the Eidul Adha will be observed in October and will be observed for three days from the 15th of this month.

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    November Holidays

    The 5th of Muharram will mark the start of the Islamic calendar and will be observed as a national holiday in the country.

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    December Holidays

    Christmas Day is also celebrated in Indonesia as in the whole world and December 25 is declared as a national holiday in the region.

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