How to Plan a Staycation

Since everyone is involved in a rat race in the world of today, one needs a time out every once in a while. With the depleting economy and the need to work on a daily basis, a new concept for vacations has come into the picture: staycation. In a staycation, you visit accessible areas while sticking to the comfort of your home. You can go out for a picnic, watch movies, and even visit nearby places, and later you come back home and sleep on your own bed. A staycation can take place with your family or even your significant other. In this article we will go through some of the basic things you should do to make your staycation worthwhile. This is just the tip of iceberg though. You can let your creativity run wild and enjoy like hell.


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    First of all, notify your extended family members and friends that you will not be home so that they don’t keep calling you. For them, you should be on a vacation. On an average day you might answer calls ten to twenty times, but while you are at a staycation, try to bring down this number to zero. This will help you remain calm as you will not have other things to worry about.

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    Your television should remain off. You can even watch TV while you’re not on a staycation. It would be better if you can wrap up and pack your TV so you do not end up watching it. Many use their televisions to watch movies with their family while they are on a staycation, but reaching out to a cinema is always a better option.

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    Look for places to visit. While planning a staycation, you should search for all the nearby places that you can visit. List down all the places which can be used for picnics and make sure that you take down notes for notable locations within those places.

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    Gather all the equipment you will need for all the fun activities that you are planning to pull off. For instance, you might plan on flying kites with your kids, and in that case you must have all the things which are needed. On the other hand, people living in snowy areas can plan on making snowmen with their children. Try keeping all the necessary equipment for that as well.

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