Top 10 Tourist Attractions of Brazil

Brazil, officially known as Federative Republic of Brazil, is fifth largest country in the world and has numerous tourist resorts which attract hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Tourist attractions in Brazil vary from tropical islands, imposing waterfalls and rainforests. Apart from an important source of income for Brazilian citizens, these tourist resorts bring foreign investment to the country. If you ever happen to visit Brazil and have ample free time at your disposal, here are 10 Brazilian tourist attractions which you should visit to make your trip memorable.


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    Christ the Redeemer:

    Christ the Redeemer is a statue of Jesus Christ located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was consecrated in 2006 and is one of seven new wonders of the world.

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    Iguaçu Falls:

    One of the most beautiful natural waterfalls in the world, the Iguaçu Falls is located on Brazil-Argentina border. Iguaçu Falls comprises of 275 smaller waterfalls along the Iguaçu River.

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    Amazon River:

    Amazon is the second largest river in the world. About 3000 fish species are found in this river and approximately 50 percent of remaining rainforests in the world cover the Amazon Basin.

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    Rio Carnival:

    Rio Carnival lasts for a total of 4 days and is held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The carnival attracts about half a million foreigners to the streets of Rio.

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    Pantanal is a wetland famous for its wildlife. Capybara and the Yacare Caiman can be seen in huge number in this world famous wetland.

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    Salvador Beaches:

    Salvador Beaches are known the world over for their exalting swimming, diving and sailing experiences. These beaches are located in Salvador, capital city of the Bahia State.

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    Historic Center of Olinda:

    Olinda is a colonial city which features a large number of tourist attractions. It is located on Brazil’s north-eastern coast.

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    Fernando de Noronha:

    Fernando de Noronha was discovered in 1503 was famous explorer Amerigo Vespucci. It is a very beautiful archipelago known for its year-round warm waters.

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    Teatro Amazonas:

    Located in Manaus, Teatro Amazonas is a famous opera house. It was opened for public in 1897.

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    Ouro Preto:

    Ouro Preto is known for its well preserved Portuguese colonial architecture and 18th- and 19th-century churches.  It was founded at the end of 17th century. Aleijadinho’s sculptured works make is a very famous tourist attraction in Brazil. It is at the bottom of the list of top 10 tourist attractions in Brazil.

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