How to Get Married in Idaho

Getting married in Idaho is no different than getting married in other states of the USA. The only real difference is that you have to apply for the marriage license during the week and the license fee varies from day to day. You should keep in mind the charges of a marriage license for that particular day and then make the decision accordingly. Undoubtedly, Idaho is one of the ideal states to tie the knot but you should choose the actual day to get married carefully.


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    Make the guest list

    Apart from the expense of marriage license, the number of guests that are invited to your wedding will cover a major portion of your expenditure. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you should make the list of people whom you will be inviting to your wedding. It mainly depends on your budget. If you have a big budget, then inviting a lot of people is not a problem to you, but if your budget is small, then you should consider scrutinising the list. You should make a list of your family members, then friends and finally add the people who will be at your wedding as a ‘plus one’ of your guests.

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    Choose the venue

    After you have made the list of your guests, you should choose a suitable venue. Remember you must take into consideration the number of people who are going to attend your wedding and then talk to the venue in-charge if he/she could accommodate the guests properly. You do not want people to feel congested, thus it is important that there should be adequate space in the venue.

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    Hire a wedding official

    In order to make your wedding better, it is strongly advised that you should hire the services of a wedding official. This person is an expert that specialises in almost every aspect of the wedding from the decorations, timing of events and selection of venue.

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    Select a catering service provider

    You should decide what you want to offer your guests to eat and then hire the services of a caterer. Make sure that the menu is decided to accommodate all of the guests and is not based on the preferences of a few.

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    Apply for license and enjoy your marriage

    Now, you should apply for the marriage licence which costs $28 and enjoy your marriage ceremony.

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