Things to do in Guangzhou

With globalization encroaching on the cultures of regions all across the world, there are certain places that have managed to defy this trend. Guangzhou is one of those locations that have succeeded in preserving its distinct identity. Consisting of the blend of beautiful mountain ranges and old man made structures, the city houses a range of sites worth spending a couple days.

The best part about Guangzhou is that it eases the access to other tourist spots such as Hong Kong and Macau. Immediately after exploring it, one can move to those places to get an entirely different view of the world. In-fact, the dichotomy and the glaring contrast is what makes the adventure diverse and encompassing the display of more than one culture.

Whenever you plan to visit Guangzhou, keep the following places in mind.


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    Do Shopping

    If you are price conscious, do the shopping from the markets prevailing around Yuexiu Park. The more you give the shopkeepers an impression that you are leaving, the greater the amount of price they are going to reduce for you. It is as simple as that. Apart from this, the statue displaying goats jumbled together is a sight to watch. What makes it even more eye catching are the lush green trees lying behind it.


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    Watch Chinese circus exhibition

    The Chinese circus exhibited at Chang Long International Circus is a must watch. Standing alongside the crowd as a spectator and watching the tricks and other dexterous actions that the performers demonstrate in front of you is amazing to experience.

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    Enjoy playing in water parks

    Line up with people and wait for your turn to play games inside the water park. Sometimes, it may take an unusual amount of time standing in the queue, so reserve some patience for that possibility.

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    See Chen Family old worship place

    Go inside the Temple and see how Chen Family used to worship. The main attraction to the tourists about this building is the history written about it.

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    Have pictures taken

    For newlyweds, the Shamian island provides amazing spots for taking pictures. Some people show up in the area, mainly because they want to create memories through pictures, which will be recollected by them time and again afterwards.

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  • 6

    Eat Indigenous recipes

    Cantonese cuisine is a trademark feature of the Guangzhou. Not eating it will be like you have never been to this place.

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  • 7

    Experience mountain riding

    Treading your way up to the mountain is an extremely enjoyable experience. The pinnacle of the mountain gives a view of the whole city in one sight, so try your best to reach there.

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    Watch military exercises

    To see the young Chinese officers doing various drills and exercises, one can attend the academy.

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  • 9

    Explore historical churches

    Forgetting to show up before the Sacred Heart Stone House Cathedralis the last thing that the majority of the tourists want.


  • 10

    Stand under the shade of tall-heighted buildings

    Towers almost touching skies are commonplace in Six Banyan Trees . They are a must watch.

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