800 Year Old Tuscan Village Goes Up for Sale on EBay

If you want to vacation in true Italian style and have extra $3.1 million in the bank, just visit eBay to check out the Tuscan village for sale. It would certainly work out as a neat investment. The village is almost as legendary as it is stunning.

eBay is a great place to buy every kind of stuff; whether it is something related to electronics or even footwear, you will find everything according to your need. Earlier this month, Kanye West’s limited edition Nike sneakers sold on eBay for $90,300.

The village called Pratariccia is a medieval area that is about 2,850 feet above sea level. It is blessed with eye-catching views over the Casentino valley and has stood empty for more than 50 years because no one has lived in it since 1960. The village now looks like a ghost town but is extremely beautiful.

For many years, the owners of the village have been wanting to sell this 800 year old medieval hamlet but they couldn’t do it. And now, they are seeking to cash it with an online sale.

“They tried and failed to sell the village through agencies for years but have got a lot of attention by putting Pratariccia on eBay and should get a result,” said Luca Santini, mayor of nearby Stia.

According to reliable sources, a real estate agent is appointed to look after a fair bit of interest since it went on sale on eBay earlier this month. The ad is located in the classified page of the website, under the title “medieval hamlet for sale.”

“It’s a unique once in a lifetime opportunity to own your very own Tuscan hamlet – and the price is a complete bargain,” real estate agent Carlo Magni. “Where else would you get all those buildings, land, panoramic view, plus all the history for 2.5 million euro?”

Selling this properly would certainly help the Italian Government to overcome the recent economic crisis it is presently going through.

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