Kanye West’s Limited Edition Nike Sneekers Sell On EBay

His designs may not attract the fashion crowd but Kanye West’s name still “Dominates” the market with a huge price tag, when it comes to sneakers. Kanye West is a well known hip hop American musician and rapper.

Recently, Kanye West designed a pair of Nike sneakers, the Nike Air Yeezy 2, which was scheduled to be offered officially from this Saturday for a retail price of $245, but sold for mind-blowing high price of $90,300 on eBay, with free shipping. Most of the sneaks are being listed anywhere at maximum $7000, but this sale has eventually amazed the people.


Nike is going to bring less than 5,000 pairs in the market, but fans have already been lined up outside the stores across the country since last week.

Some pre-ordered pairs have been listed for sale on eBay, with bidding in the mid four figures, but the seller pinoyako4life has certainly grabbed the market.

On May 30, he posted the show with an initial price of $0.99. On the very next day, bidding had gone to $3500. By June 5, the bidding went to five figures, and it became a hot cake. One of the die heart fans even offered $10,200, then after 20 minutes, he came with the offer of $20,000. It was found that the same user offered $49,999 later that day. At some time, the bid went up to $70,000, and finally at the last minute on June 6, the shoe was sold out in $90,300.

According to the real estate site trulia.com, the average price of a single family home in Dayton, Ohio is around $90,000, which is still less than the new Nike Air Yeezy 2.

In 2009, West worked together with Nike to make the original Air Yeezy. West said in a tweet that he is also working on the Yeezy 3.

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