How to Build WordPress Landing Pages

WordPress is the most famous blogging tool and a content management system. It is free and open source blogging tool which can be used by any individual to create his or her blog on the internet to express views about the surroundings. Furthermore, it has a very user friendly interface based on PHP and MySQL programming languages.

WordPress also allows you to create landing pages on your blogs which helps you to make good earnings by displaying ads from different advertisers on your blog. You can take assistance from the given steps to build landing pages in your WordPress blog.


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    You have to create understanding about seven critical landing pages formats. Sales Pages are the conventional workhorse and are used when you want to move your product or service. Email opt-in page is one of the most important pages which help in getting the audience on your list before the sale. In addition, these pages help in optimising the PPC campaigns. Video landing page helps in more and more sale and lead generation and are mostly used in more lucrative markets to attract the audience. Thank You page helps to leave a courteous impression on your customer after the sale. Content or Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) page provides support to get your blog or website link amongst the top search results. Pricing page is very important when you are offering multiple products in one package and Tabbed scroller page is used on Third Tribe and assists in delivering lots of copy without taking long copy.

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    You should also know about the premise landing page system which is divided into three major parts. In Point-and-Click page design, you can create any outside page by using WordPress theme. It allows you to create any of the seven types of the landing pages. Moreover, it also provides you with the option to customising your fonts, colours, codes, styles and graphics. In Built-in-Copywriting advice design pages, you are allowed to deliver copyright message about your products or services in the same theme. Additionally, in Optimisation-Made-Easy design, you can use different tools like split-testing or any other SEO tool in order to make the most out of your landing pages.

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    You can also personalise your graphics according to your requirement in order to match them with your campaigns of products and services at any time.

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