How to Compile C++ Header Files

C++ is one of the most frequent used languages and it is widely adopted by the programmers and developers all around the world. The core of any C++ program is the header files that contain all default APIs or if you have created your own header files, they will contain the APIs written by you. When you write any code you need to compile all of the necessary header files to make your program run without any errors because if you will not compile the header files, the declarations of APIs will be missing for compiler and it will throw errors. So before executing your program always follow these simple steps to compile your header files.


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    First of all you need to open the editor you are using to write your C++ codes. Open the editor because you will need it to open the header wp-content/uploads you want to compile.

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    Now open all of the header wp-content/uploads you want to compile. They will be opened using your C++ editor.

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    Now open command prompt, you can open it by going to “Start” menu, then click on run, and in a pop up box write cmd. It will show you a new command prompt window.

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    Now in your command prompt window type “cc name_of_program.c”, replace the name_of_program with the one you want to compile.  This will allow the entire header wp-content/uploads associated with the program to compile. And if it finishes of without throwing an error, you have successfully compiled your program and the header wp-content/uploads.

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    If you find it difficult to understand these steps then you might want to take your time and go over it again. Remember not to skip any part so that you do not get confused or face any issues. Even after trying again you might want to go online and visit one of the various websites or forums that deal with C++ programming language. There are many expert or professional users that will be willing to help you at different forums where you can post your own questions. It never hurts to ask so don't be shy and ask away. You will be sure to find someone that can help you understand everything that you need to know about the C++ programming language.

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    Visit a local bookshop or your nearest library for some decent books related to programming in C++. Take some time to go through and learn as much as you can about this dynamic programming language. After some time you will be able to understand the different methods of coding and the options that are available to you.

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