How to Be a Southern Belle

A woman who is admired by others because of her beauty and charisma is referred to as Belle. Therefore, this title is very difficult to earn as it is the birth right of a particular woman. Undoubtedly, one can work on her charm but improving your beauty is not possible. However, in order to become a Southern Belle, a woman is always required to improve her traits and learn things like batting her eyes and learning manners. If you want to become a southern belle, you should focus on the tasks you should accomplish.


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    Have an overgenerous life

    The most important thing for being a southern belle is to have an overgenerous lifestyle. Therefore, you must learn all the ways through which you can adopt an extravagant lifestyle. Not to mention that the Southern belles are deemed to be extremely rich. They are considered to be tension free from finding ways of earning money as they have more than enough to spend the rest of their lives with a marvellous lifestyle. You should not underestimate the importance of having an outstanding lifestyle and figure out ways to make it an astonishing one.

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    Learn to make mint julep

    The next important step in becoming a southern belle is to learn to make the mint julep. It is a mixed alcoholic drink which is highly preferred during the hot days of summer. This drink is a must with the cuisine of Southern United States. You can easily find a recipe of Mint Julep from the internet and these might vary slightly from each other. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you read reviews and pick up the most popular recipes for mint julep and master the one that suits your taste buds.

  • 3

    Improve your vocabulary

    After you have mastered the recipe of mint julep, you must put all your focus on extending your vocabulary. Apart from that, you must also give due importance to adding words that are frequently spoken by other southern belles. The most popular words are lamb, darling, peach, precious and y’all.

  • 4

    Plant Magnolia trees in your garden

    You must ask your gardener to plant magnolia trees in your garden as this will strengthen your image.

  • 5

    Hold a handkerchief

    You should choose an elegant handkerchief for yourself and hold it in your hand all the time as this will help you attract attention of gentlemen.

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